Thursday, March 12, 2009

once obama time

Okay, my sources tell me, I don't really have sources, just these kind of WebKinz demons, soft and cuddly, in my brain that I listen to from time to time to time, that there is a devious convoluted plot twist forming to the Prez (Big O) plan to non-partisanship. By actually changing the culture in Washington he will drive all members of Congress, regardless of party to their own personal "Oh, S**T" moment. Most Republians have already had theirs but check out the Dems lining up for theirs. You'l hear it as quiet whispers at first, "he's going too fast", "doing too much", you know the code. But, wait until actaul lobby reform, earmark reform, support union legislation and HEALTHCARE. They'll be running into each other in a panic which, is the first step of real bipartisanship. You're wrong if you think it begins with a handshake, it begins with a collision.

Check this out: