Saturday, February 21, 2009

okay I'm a teacher, don't stop reading there's no quiz at the end or writing activity (we call that follow -up in the business by the way). I've started this blog for several reasons the first being so I know what I'm talking about when I talk to students about these things. Secondly, maybe I want to talk to someone other than children and hopefully i can do this without leavng the house. It's a scary world everywhere but my house. And maybe I have some things to say. I have a presonal interest in politics so I'll blog about that. I'll certainly blog about education and the sorry or wonderful state it is in depending if you're talking about the school your kids attend or everyone else's. (More or that thought later) So, this is my initial plunge into the mystic and we'll see where it goes. Comments are welcome, intrusions encouraged and snarking allowed. Look it up if you must but don't pretend you know!

"shoot the monkey"

Obama's election has created a "new" sensitivity (meaning the media attends to it) toward racist notions. White guys just wanna have fun is over or at least on life support. Goodie for something nowadays. The fun part of course are the verbal stumblings from those who don't know this and carry on like McCain won. SHAME ON YOU! I want to dedicate this space to these stumblings if only for laughs but hopefully with a deeper more intellectualized (read boring) notion of how this affects how we play together. I'm collecting "shoot the monkey" moments in political speech in honor of our friends the New York Post and by calling it that allows me to ironically enter the first one. To demonstrate equality let's also hear from those who have found an "air Holder" moment for those who have the courage, no guts, to speak about race honestly, whatever that means? Maybe we'll find out! So let me hear from you!