Saturday, February 21, 2009

okay I'm a teacher, don't stop reading there's no quiz at the end or writing activity (we call that follow -up in the business by the way). I've started this blog for several reasons the first being so I know what I'm talking about when I talk to students about these things. Secondly, maybe I want to talk to someone other than children and hopefully i can do this without leavng the house. It's a scary world everywhere but my house. And maybe I have some things to say. I have a presonal interest in politics so I'll blog about that. I'll certainly blog about education and the sorry or wonderful state it is in depending if you're talking about the school your kids attend or everyone else's. (More or that thought later) So, this is my initial plunge into the mystic and we'll see where it goes. Comments are welcome, intrusions encouraged and snarking allowed. Look it up if you must but don't pretend you know!

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  1. Great blog so far, & better than mine so far! Boy these things take too much time. I'm not a teacher, but my wife is, so I like reading about others. My wife wont touch twitter, or anything else on the PC besides shopping and an email she may read if one is lucky. Anyway, I am into Media if I didnt already give it away. Been trying to get ANY real journalist on twitter to respond to any questions regarding George Seldes-the journo with the longest career, and the best I think. Anyway, I shall follow and hope you return the follow.