Thursday, March 25, 2010

Props to the Prez

Not always, but sometimes, I am glad my grandmother was a gypsy. This wasn't a nickname, she was a real gypsy and told fortunes, among other things for a living. She imparted her wisdom regarding fortune telling to me and it really works. I'm good at telling fortunes and perhaps would tell you the secret of the scam but not today. You'd have to ask me really nice for me tell you that. Yes, I did use the word scam, by the way because it was one. People choose their futures, at least according to my grandmother. Suggesting you can see into the future suggests it's actually there to see, which it isn't. When I was younger I would use my powers to impress people and that works too. Even today, people ask, can you really tell fortunes?; in my mind I say, "yes, if you think I can".
So, when I suggest that my friend and confidant, Barack Obama, can really see the future, this is no faint praise. This is the acknowledgement of someone who knows a thing or two about how this works.
Harken back if you will to that magic time of the 2008 campaign, where ever gaffe was a headline, every move, a controversy, and every slip of the truth, food for the zoo animals, excuse me I mean voting public.
Soothesayer Obama made that rather candid observation about how people who cling to their guns and religion do so out of fear and ignorance. These were not his exact words, and I'm too lazy to look them up and I have enough twitter friends with OCD to correct my inprecision, BUT, this was essentially what he said and perhaps the word "cling" was badly chosen but the uproar was audible. Golly, Hilary Clinton even defended this poor offended mass as misunderstood by the urban savvy elitist hoops player who couldn't bowl.
Well, my friends, this week's news should offer our President the opportunity to sit back, put his feet up and smirkingly say, "Hey, I told ya so!"
Like the oracle of Delphi predicted these pigeons have come to roost. The fearful clinging mob of clearly undertstood clowns are just where Obama said they would be. Admit it, Obama called these folks out plain and simple. Journalists are now knee deep in a story they claimed was Obama's gaffe. It ironically turns out, oh great journalists of American politics, that the gaffe was yours.
I think we need to step back from the circus show for a day or two and give our props to the Prez. The headllines should read: "President nails it with clinging to guns and religion claim." They are out of the sanity bag now aren't they? I have no time for the shocked reporter. Step aside you foolish boy. Bring out Nostradamus award winning Barack Obama. Does anyone really want to argue that people in this country when they are frightened and angry cling to guns and religion? Is that really up for debate? Can't we put this one to bed? Hammer the last nail? Put a fork in it? Stop me from one more cliche!
Unlike my grandmother, this was no scam. Obama spoke truthfully about what is the NOW. Someone's gonna get hurt or worse. And we don't need the President or my grandmother to tell us that now do we?


  1. Utah, at this moment, is finalizing a bill that would allow a prosecutor to charge a woman with murder if her actions led to a miscarriage. The "reason": a 17 year old girl, very pregnant, paid a goon to beat her into a pulp so she would miscarry. Baby lived, she was hospitalized and the outrage was that they couldn't put this desperate, probably mentally unstable, girl in prison. So now they can. And they can start in on women who 'act irresponsibly' -- use drugs, drink alcohol, don't use seatbelts, walk too far? drink caffeine? (lots of folks in Utah shun caffeine) work too hard at a high power job with responsibility over men? fall down stairs accidentally? You see, lots of miscarriages MIGHT be linked to something stupid we did. And when we learn this, even years later, we beat ourselves to a pulp. (Did my failure to floss really lead to that miscarriage of a much wanted third child who would have been loved and wanted?) So now the ruling elite of Utah wants to make all women prisoners to their reproductive lives. Would love to hear your take on that.

  2. Loved Props to the Prez. Just wanted to mention that President Obama made the clinging to guns & religion comment after stumping about 1/4 mi from where I sit (my childhood home). He & Sen Casey had visit a local bar/restaurant place called Sharkey's. He was spot on as they say. Another interesting tidbit, I was checking out the Southern Poverty Law Center website and was surprised to find there were at least 3 hate groups located about 7 miles from Sharky's - A Neo-Nazi group, A Racist Skinhead group and an Radical Catholic group led by defrocked priests. (My Halloween dress of choice was that of a Gypsy fortune teller)